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Roberto Cuoghi: Perla Pollina, 1996-2016
By Alison Gingeras


If Woody Allen were to rewrite Zelig and set rhe story in the arr world, his inevitable first pick for the starring roie wouid be ri1e enigmatic ltaiian artist Roberto Cuoghi. Like Allen's "human chameleon" character, Cuoghi demonstrates total fluency in any situation, deploying a range of techniques ro weave a sprawling, nonhierarchical and atemporal web of drawing, painting, photography, performance, digital animation, comic-book illustration, archaeological research, and mu ical com­position. Yet his total immersion in his subject matter is what really distinguishes Cuoghi's oeuvre from chose of his peers. This retrospective promises to examine the gripping twists and turns of the artist's obsessive pro­duction in more than seventy works, ranging from his assumption of his father's identity in the late 1990s to more recent creations from lasr year, and will be accom­panied by a scholarly catalogue.