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February 1, 2012

This Week: Must-See Arts in the City
By Carolina A. Miranda

Mary Corse, New Work, at Lehmann Maupin, in Chelsea With Doug Wheeler’s highly popular installation at David Zwirner (apparently, waits are an hour long), New York art chatter has turned to the California light and space artists of the 1960s. Which means it couldn’t be a better time to go check out the paintings of Mary Corse at Lehmann Maupin’s Chelsea branch. This Berkeley-born painter creates luminous monochromatic canvases in shades of ivory and white whose light-play can only be admired in person. (The photos can’t even begin to capture what the eye sees.) Corse embeds glass micro-beads in her paint, creating a prism effect on the surface of the work. These have the effect of reflecting light in all directions, which means that the shimmering surface of each painting changes every time you shift your position in front of it — turning a flat surface into a source of endless interaction. In other words: pieces that make you go, Whoaaaa. Opens Thursday, in Chelsea.