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Liza Lou: Color Field and Solid Grey


Artist Liza Lou will present her largest "Color Field" work to date at the Neuberger Museum of Art, to mark her first exhibition in New York in eight years. Her work has reached out to an international audience since her first major sculpture, "Kitchen," a life-size room covered entirely with glass beads, which was exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, and most recently with Solid/Divide at White Cube in London. "Liza Lou: Color Field and Solid Grey" will present two bodies of work by Lou –an 1,800 square foot "Color Field" work comprised of “blades” of grass made in part by the community, accompanied "Solid Grey"and "Color/White" canvases, a series of woven beaded works in various hues. For this exhibition, Lou will invite the local community to participate in the process through building the individual blades of grass and in the installation process of the field.