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gallery exhibition

You & Me, Sometimes...
Curated by Sandra Antelo-Suarez/TRANS

March 20 – May 3, 2008
201 Chrystie Street

The New York Times

In this intriguingly textured group
show, organized by Sandra Antelo Suarez,
history, politics, pop culture
and conceptualism do a dance, and
objects glance off one another without
quite touching. Cool shows tend
to work this way at present, to be
about something but not. And any
show with Minerva Cuevas, Allan
Kaprow, Karin Schneider and Francisco
de Goya tends to work well, and
it is even better when the show includes
work by artists not often seen
here: in this case the young Bosnian
conceptualist Sejla Kameric; the
New Zealand filmmaker Darcy
Lange; Mario Garcia Torres of Mexico
City; and the Italian-born Claudio
Perna (1937-1997). Lehmann Maupin,
201 Chrystie Street, at Stanton Street,
Lower East Side, (212) 254-0054,, through May 3.