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Video: Lee Bul’s Monumental Sydney Biennale Dreamscape



South Korean artist Lee Bul’s monumental installation for the 20th Biennale of Sydney 2016 (20BOS) is one of the major centerpieces of the three-month event.


Titled “Willing To Be Vulnerable,” the site-specific work is located in the Embassy of the Real on Cockatoo Island, a former convict settlement and shipyard in the middle of Sydney Harbour.


As the name suggests, the Embassy of the Real offers a space for artists to explore how we perceive reality in our increasingly digitised era.


“Willing To Be Vulnerable” continues recent focus on creating works that are forward-looking yet retrospective, seductive but suggestive of ruin.


Situated within the cavernous 1640-square-metre space of the Island’s Turbine Hall, her Biennale of Sydney installation transports visitors to a realm that is at once familiar yet alien.


Sitting at the nexus between the real and the imagined, the utopic and the dystopic, Bul’s surreal dreamscape is perhaps best described as a radically subverted circus or carnival scene.


Bringing together epic installation unites an assemblage of seemingly disparate yet interconnected forms. Balloon-like structures and landscape mirroring forms.


According to the 20BOS, Bul investigates the human condition contradictions of utopia, the concept that the ideal is always there, just beyond our grasp.


“Our plans about utopia are undoubtedly going to fail. But as human beings, just because it’s destined to fail doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming about it. We need to keep trying, don’t we?,” Bul has said.


Quote from: Emerson Rosenthal, ‘Lee Bul’s Labyrinth of Infinity Mirrors: Via Negativa II’, The Creators Project.