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Video Exclusive: Gilbert & George's F**kosophy


By Nicholas Forrest


Whether it be as images in their “pictures” or as art objects in their seminal sculpture/performance work “The Singing Sculpture,” British art duo Gilbert & George have always placed themselves at the center of their practice, establishing themselves as “living sculptures.”


During their recent trip to Australia to open their first Australasian retrospective at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania, Gilbert & George treated BLOUIN ARTINFO to a private performance of an extract from “Fuckosophy,” their new performance work.


“It’s been almost five years since we began to compose a new philosophy because we realized that every community has a school, a police station, a shopping centre, a swimming pool – everything is there. But there isn’t a philosopher,” George explains.


“We may have a book of philosophy in the house but it’s unlikely that one will read it. So we wanted to make a philosophy for all – if your mother recovers from her illness or if she dies, of if you to college, or if you get kicked out of school, there is something in the philosophy that will reply.

“For that reason it has a theme running through it which is ‘fuck’ and ‘fucking’ and so it’s called a ‘fuckosophy.’ We started by carrying little cards in our pocket so that we could jot them down as they occurred to us.”


Click here for the full video from Artinfo.