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Tracey Emin's "I Cried Because I Love You" at Lehmann Maupin and White Cube Hong Kong

By Samuel Spencer


Lehmann Maupin and White Cube are jointly presenting “I Cried Because I Love You,” an exhibition of Tracey Emin’s work spread across their gallery spaces in Hong Kong this March.


Encompassing paintings, drawings, neon works, and  embroideries, the major exhibition will have at its heart a series of works inspired by a large stone in an olive grove close to Emin’s studio in the South of France. These include recollections of a marriage ceremony conducted last summer for which Emin wore a white shroud first made to adorn her father’s body at his funeral.


In her works, Emin sees the stone as a symbol the stability and an enduring love.


Alongside these, she will also present a series of paintings based on photographs of herself as she continues to reflect on the physicality of her own body as the years pass.


Throughout these works, Emin explores her feeling of loneliness and bitterness at lost love:  “It’s my life. I think I’ve cried over more people that I love than people that I hate. I don’t think I’ve really hated hardly anyone. I think my big mistake is loving people too much,” she has said.


“I Cried Because I Love You” will run from March 21 through May 21 at White Cube Hong Kong and Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong