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Tony Oursler’s PriV%te Exhibition Launches at Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong
Hong Kong Tatler

Venture into the New York-based multimedia artist’s mind through a series of eccentric creations that explore the worlds of cultural identity and technology

Celebrated as a pioneering figure of new media art since the early 1980s, Tony Oursler is known for his whimsical creations of multimedia automatons.

“PriV%te” marks the artist’s sixth solo show Lehmann Maupin Hong Kong, bringing a eclectic range of new multimedia wall works and sculpture to the city.

Art aficionados can expect a series of quirky and colorfully animated video screens set within aluminum panels, which are thematically related to the phenomenon of facial recognition.

As a continuation of Oursler’s longstanding interest in the production of cultural identity and technology, these wall-mounted, head-shaped panels articulate the balance between facial features and algorithms designed to aggregate them.

Drawing inspirations from facial recognition techniques and algorithms ubiquitously used in social media channels, a web of geometric designs, scattered data points and various registration nodes are employed to each work.

Ultimately, these pieces lend themselves to the greater conversation surrounding the digital cultivation and capture of personal identity, as well as how and by whom this tracking is used.