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Museum Exhibition

Teresita Fernández at Kyoto University of Art & Design

Kyoto University of Art & Design will present the exhibition Nishijin Sky : Teresita Fernández + HOSOO from October 2, 2014 to January 16, 2015. For this project, Fernández, best known for her large-scale sculptures and site-specific artworks that respond to landscape and natural phenomena, collaborated with Masataka Hosoo, a twelfth generation weaver of the Hosoo Family, whose Nishijin, Kyoto-based textile company was founded in 1688. Leading designers all over the world admire HOSOO’s ability to merge traditional weaving with state-of-the-art technology to generate intricate patterns.

For Nishijin Sky, Fernández created a luminous golden landscape that recalls a horizon of rising and falling water surrounded by an atmospheric darkness reminiscent of cinematic dissolves and film projections. To interpret this image, Masataka Hosoo invented a weaving machine in order to present Fernández’s image as a kinran-donsu textile (thick brocaded satin), transforming it into a free-standing landscape sculpture that can be viewed from all sides. The result is a meeting of contemporary art and traditional craft.