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Painter Writes About Art
New York Times

While David Salle has been painting, he has also been writing — namely art reviews for publications like Town & Country. Now, he has assembled these essays, along with some of his lectures and other pieces, in a book, “How to See: Looking, Talking, and Thinking About Art,” to be published by W. W. Norton on Oct. 6.


“I like the challenge of finding a verbal equivalent for certain states of looking,” Mr. Salle said, “and taking apart what it is someone made.”


Mr. Salle’s essays are occasionally critical — in reviewing Frank Stella’s recent show at the Whitney, for example, he says the artist’s paintings of the last decade generally “leave us with a feeling of an awful lot of energy being expended to no particular end, of being more trouble than they’re worth.”


But generally, his ruminations are analytical and positive.


Mr. Salle is in for a busy fall. In September, Lehmann Maupin’s Hong Kong gallery will open a solo exhibition of his new paintings. And a show of his past work, along with Cindy Sherman’s, will inaugurate the Skarstedt Gallery’s new space in London in October.