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Liza Lou Makes a Move
New York Times

By Robin Pogrebin


Since 2005, the artist Liza Lou has split her time between her home in Los Angeles and South Africa, collaborating with Zulu women on intricately-beaded works that have earned her an international reputation.


More recently, she and her team have been creating monochrome woven canvases, to be featured in coming exhibitions at Lehmann Maupin, which has just become Ms. Lou’s New York gallery.


“I realized what I really needed to do was respond to the place where I was working and listen to the stories and the lives of the women that I care about,” Ms. Lou said. “When you weave, you keep the work very close to your body — it’s much more transportable.”


“If there is a taxi strike or rioting, I make work in response to that,” she added. “I don’t say, ‘We’re going to still make that sculpture.’ We’re going to make work that can be easily hidden. You can put it in your bra, you can stick it in your handbag and the work can carry on.”