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Liu Wei Opens New Exhibition at PLATEAU in Seoul

Samsung Museum of Art’s PLATEAU space in Seoul has opened a major retrospective of controversial Chinese artist Liu Wei's works.


Entitled “Panorama,” and running until August 14, the exhibition presents highlights from the last 20 years of the artist’s varied practice, during which time he has worked in video, installation, and sculpture, as well as works on canvas and paper. The exhibition also presents his latest site-specific installation, housed under the roof of PLATEAU’s glass pavilion.


Wei, whose previous work has included mixed media sculptures of fecal matter and miniatures of the world’s great buildings made out of dog chews, also presents his more abstract recent sculptures, paintings, as well as older photographs, alongside the glass pavilion installation.


“This exhibition further highlights the artist’s unique perspective through which he examines the global issues of urbanization from a distinct personal standpoint” said the museum space in a press release.


As part of the first generation of artists to come into prominence after the events at Tiananmen Square in 1989, Liu was part of the so-called “Post-Sense Sensibility,” a subversive artist group which initially married together Conceptual art practice with both anti-Chinese and anti-Western art to create some of the most extreme and controversial art created in the country.


Since then, however, both the group and Liu himself have gradually created less extreme work, as reflected in the more abstract pieces which make up the PLATEAU exhibition. The early controversy-baiting work and the newer work are exhibited together at here, hence the title “Panorama” - “signifying the all-encompassing and complete landscape” of the artist’s work according to the museum.


“Panorama” runs through August 14 at PLATEAU, Samsung Museum of Art.