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Lehmann Maupin HK Explores the Boundaries of Raw Materials

Hong Kong’s art gallery scene is presenting an abundance of captivating group shows this summer. Leading galleries such as Pearl Lam Galleries and Galerie du Monde are showcasing their stellar artists in carefully curated exhibitions. Lehmann Maupin, part of that flock, is spotlighting the work of some of its established artists in an engaging exhibition titled “Radical Materiality,” which will run through August 27.


Featuring artworks by Mary Corse, Liu Wei, and Nari Ward, three international artists with distinct artistic methods, the exhibition invites viewers to explore how the artists' practices push boundaries within traditional techniques, genres, and materials. The trio are exemplary artists who have gone beyond the canvas and imagination, experimenting with unconventional mediums to produce inventive work.


Originally known for black and white paintings, including her minimalist work with glass microspheres, Mary Corse displays a recent body of work featuring bolder primary colors such as red and blue. In this new series, Corse — who was a member of the male-dominated Light and Space movement of 1960s California — still focuses on the subjective experience of light and color, as well as visual perception.


Chinese artist Liu Wei and Jamaican-born Nari Ward both have large-scale installations on view. Ward, who is recognized for building large sculptural forms with found objects and materials collected from his urban neighborhood, shows a previous work featuring shoelaces. Shoelaces have become a common medium for the artist, who formerly used the object as a line, aiding Ward in his drawing. In this exhibition, his work “Scape” from 2012 consists of shoelaces directly installed onto the wall in the shape of a fire ladder escape, aiming to express urban landscape.


Liu Wei’s “Exotic Lands No. 21” features his trademark large, sculptural installations, wherein the artist repurposes industrial materials and forms to create an abstract structure. He is known for expressing his thoughts on the accelerated development of cities and urban landscapes, and “Exotic Lands No. 21” highlights the beauty in basic commercial elements as the artist reuses industrial doors to create the piece.


“Radical Materiality” runs through August 27 at Lehmann Maupin