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Goings on About Town: Billy Childish at Lehmann Maupin
The New Yorker

Prolific doesn’t begin to describe the output of this self-described radical traditionalist, based in Chatham, England, the dockyard town where he was born. A singer who has released more than a hundred and fifty albums since 1977, and an author of five novels and around two dozen volumes of poetry, Childish also paints, in an instantly recognizable Expressionist style that owes much to the giants of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In this exhibition, Van Gogh-ish sunflowers rest in a Gauguinesque vase; the green cast of the skin of a recumbent nude recalls Schiele. The scene stealers are landscapes, four stands of birch trees whose snaking strokes conjure an animist vision worthy of Edvard Munch or Charles Burchfield. Through Oct. 31.