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10 Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram in 2016

For those looking for distractions, Instagram is a surefire tool to break up the monotony of the day — see a sinfully delicious runny egg here, check out someone’s jealousy-inducing vacation photos there. But if you commit to enough trolling, Instagram can also be a never-ending encyclopedia of some truly beautiful and wacky things. A lot of these posts come to us courtesy of today’s artists (who have found yet another medium to keep us intrigued), so here we present our 2016 guide to the top 10 artists you should be following on Instagram, in no particular order (click here to see who made the cut in 2015). Some may be bigwigs whose work you already know, while others are quieter forces whose intimate mood boards and color palettes will bring a little spark back into your drab, meme-heavy feed. 



These twins top these sorts of lists year after year, and with good reason. Whether they’re giving us glimpses into their old sketchbooks, hanging in Brazil with Tim Burton, or posting photos of their fantastically trippy works, it’s always a pleasure to see what these graffiti artists are getting into next.