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gallery exhibition

Teresita Fernández
Night Writing

September 12 – October 20, 2012
201 Chrystie Street

The Wall Street Journal

Teresita Fernández: Night Writing


If you live in New York long enough, you get used to not seeing stars at night. So there is added sweetness to the cosmic drama of Teresita Fernández's solo show at Lehmann Maupin, where the work evokes the night sky. At the center of "Night Writing" is a single built-on-site installation in the gallery's double-height space, made from thousands of translucent layers of polycarbonate. As installed, the sculpture filters light in a way that creates a kind of indoor aurora borealis. Also on view is a related series of Ms. Fernández's hand-made pulp prints, perforated with patterns that evoke constellations, superimposed on large-scale images of the sky.

—Kimberly Chou