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gallery exhibition

Do Ho Suh
Home Within Home

September 8 – October 22, 2011
540 West 26th Street

New York Magazine

New York Magazine
September 26, 2011

Collision Detection
By Jerry Saltz

Home Within Home—Do Ho Suh’s room-filling sculpture of a Korean house crashing into a Providence, Rhode Island, redbrick apartment building— mesmerizes and amazes with its mind-boggling verisimilitude. Like a huge Fifth Avenue Christmas-window display, this sculpture takes viewers to some magical makebelieve play-place of childhood, dread, fantasy, and wonder. Imaginative craftsmanship and detail abound: teeny magazines on wee coffee tables, shoes in closets, toys in attics. In the rear gallery, a beautiful translucent architectural model (pictured) shows the same two homes, one encapsulated within the other; although it’s less of an all-out spectacle, it’s still more art than display.