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Group Exhibition

On Shuffle

July 6 – August 19, 2011
540 West 26th Street

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July 8, 2011

Kim Gordon, Juergen Teller & More at Lehmann Maupin
By Pardis Saberi

Last night marked the opening of two incredible art shows at two different LEHMANN MAUPIN locations. In Chelsea, the group exhibition "On Shuffle" premiered to an eager crowd. The show features music-related work by cult figures Kim Gordon, Billy Childish, Kalup Linzy, Ryan McNamara, Tony Oursler, Dave Muller, Dario Robleto, and Stephen Vitello. Among the paintings, sounds, performances, mixed media, and videos are two vivid paintings by Billy Childish, and a really engaging installation by Ryan McNamara, featuring the artist among a pile of leaves as a song plays in the background.

Down in another part of town, "Tracey Emin, Juergen Teller and Gilbert & George" opened at the Chrystie Street location. On display are several incredible Juergen Teller images from his extensive body of work, including photos of Raquel Zimmerman and Charlotte Rampling stripped down in the Louvre that were published in Paradis magazine. The pieces by Tracey Emin and Gilbert & George are also interesting, providing different interpretations of sexuality. Emin expresses raw emotions by way of drawing, embroidery, or film, while Gilbert & George's brightly colored, photo-based pieces depict more light-hearted messages.

Both "On Shuffle" and "Tracey Emin, Juergen Teller and Gilbert & George" are on view until August 19th.